An eventful first day's cycling

First day of the challenge and it has lived up to its name!
Leaving Saigon by coach to avoid the morning rush hour we started our ride across the Mekong Delta, so mainly flat!
We have cycled through banana plantations and coconut groves, been welcomed by smiling waving school children, eaten delicious, healthy meals and dodged our way through the crazy Vietnamese eve rush hour when a sea of mopeds sweeps down the highway regardless of road signs and traffic lights. The best strategy for getting across a road is to plough bravely on, wading in without any reference to the Highway Code!

Poor Anne got caught at a major intersection and managed to fall off her bike just as the lights changed. Rather scary for her, but despite a few bruises and grazes she carried on in characteristic stoic fashion.

I was less resilient and almost took to the support bus for the last 5 miles. Cycling in 33C was almost too much for me and really zapped what energy I have, I felt completely overcome so I nearly gave up in the afternoon which would not have been a good start. However refreshed by a ferry journey and a few degrees drop in temperature I managed to finish the route.

We saw some great sights along the way.


  1. Congratulations for your first day. Saigon is not an easy city to cycle. All the best and good luck. Sylvie B.

  2. It does indeed sound a challenging first day! So glad Anne got away with a few bruises and Jo was able to dig deep for a final burst of energy. Looks amazing.

  3. Well done on day one! Hope you’re not too sore! Melx


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