Day 5 80k

Our first day cycling in Cambodia which started by taking the ferry from the rapidly growing city of Phnom Penh into rural areas which was very interesting. The people have very little and they live in houses built on stilts so their cows can live underneath. We had a packed lunch sitting outside and lots of children from the local village turned up and it was lovely to see their faces when we handed out pens and small toys. Jo has finally recovered from jet lag and acclimatised to the heat and cycled the full 80k. We had a 2.5 hour transfer at the end of the ride with a stop in the insect village where Anne sat on the bus and did not look at anything but Jo went into the market and sampled some crickets which were quite tasty. Other members of the Group ate scorpion and tarantula. Our hotel is in Kampongthom village and we feel very remote. We have had two power cuts already and had to carry our cases to floor 3 as there is no lift but the Wi-Fi is great....!
leaving Phnom Penh 

there are temples like these in each village and they are owned and maintained by the villagers
children at lunch
on the ferry - next stop lunch
Mekhon river views
Jo arriving at the bus
the insect market...
there are cows everywhere 


  1. It is fantastic. Enjoy and well done. Sylvie

  2. Brilliant. Loving the blog to keep up with you and see that you are ok!


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