Day 3 72k

Today was our last day in Vietnam and we can only describe it as incredible. We started off seeing the floating market in Can Tho where the people live on and sell from their boats.
Then we went to a noodle making factory, and on the way to lunch stopped to buy a live snake and snails which were then cooked for lunch. Jo tried both!  And one of our group was bitten by one of the snakes but is still alive!  At the end of the ride we had a 2 hour transfer which was a bit tough, but then a lovely dinner when we said goodbye to our tour guides. Bit of a late night as no cycling tomorrow. I can't upload any photos from this Wi-Fi connection  but will try later.


  1. What adventures you're having! Enjoy a day off from cycling tomorrow - very well-deserved after the stamina you've needed for the last 3 days. Love Kim


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