Day 4 Cambodia

Today we transferred from Vietnam to Cambodia spending over 4 hours on a boat travelling up the famous iconic Mekhon river.

We arrived in Phnom Penh which is a vibrant bustling city with mopeds and cars to contend with. After lunch, which was the best meal so far, we went to S21 prison  and then onto The Killing  Fields of choeung  ek where many of the 17,000 prisoners from S21 were executed. It was a very sobering experience and hard to believe these atrocities happened in our lifetime.
Early night tonight as we cycle from the hotel tomorrow and face 90k in 36 degrees of heat and no shade so we are all feeling slightly concerned.  Several days of these high temperatures are taking their toll on everyones bodies in different ways. We are going more remote tomorrow so not sure if we will have Wi-Fi....
leaving Vietnam
flowers at lunch
The Killing Fields


  1. 36 degrees sounds very gruelling. Hard to imagine cycling for hours in that heat. Will be cheering you on in spirit! All the best Kim


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